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Omiya Town, Kyotango City, Kyoto Prefecture

Kyotango City is located in the northern part of Kyoto Prefecture and occupies a large area of the Tango Peninsula.

2015 Research begins

Since 2015, the Regional Happiness and Culture Project has been conducting research, thanks in part to the cooperation of the Okuono Community Center in Omiya Town, Kyotango City and the Tsuneyoshi Hyakkaten Store which served as local bases for our research.

The Okuono Community Center center-right: Mr. Katsuhiko Kawaguchi, Ward Mayor

December, 2015 Regional Workshop

In collaboration with local residents, a workshop on regional social ties and happiness is conducted.

We were also allowed to participate in local events and to interact with the local people.

The Tsuneyoshi Hyakkaten Store

The second regional base for the project is the Tsuneyoshi Hyakkaten Store, which acts as a hub for locals to build bonds with each other.
It stocks local seasonal produce, handmade preserved foods and other unique items that cannot be found elsewhere, and is a place where many people – from children to the elderly – gather.

Activity Monitors are brought to Omiya Town in Kyotango City and observational research on activity levels and regional social ties, research at local bases and paper questionnaire research is conducted.

In cooperation with The Omiya Minami Satojikara Revitalization Committee


Trial Version Multidimensional survey of Regional Happiness

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Results of the trial survey

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Sense of health
Respondent’s subjective health status
Sense of personal happiness
Respondent’s subjective sense of happiness
Sense of interdependent happiness
Sense of harmonious happiness with the people around you (for example, if people around you are happy, you feel happy too)
Social bonds within the community
Cooperative and trusting relationships between local residents
Sense of regional unity
Extent to which the local society feels like it is "a community that was destined to be" or "one collective unit"
Openness of the community to outsiders
Extent to which people accept others from outside or those who are different from them
Contributing to the community and supporting other people
Behaviors that contribute to the local community (e.g., providing idea for the community) or help other people within the community
  • ※The score for the demo version is presented as an individual score, but the actual research data is analyzed together with the surveys from the same town (e.g., village, regions)
  • ※The Demo Version does not contain all of the items from the actual Measurement Package.